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The Tritek Story

As a go getter in high school, Rene Garcia, worked several jobs because he wanted to have the finer things in life. He's always been a hands-on type of person and is proud to have work experience dating back to middle school.

Of the more honorable people that Rene has known, it was Bob Brinkman, owner of Virgil's Hardware, who offered Rene, his first position in the industry he would come to love. At Virgil's, Rene quickly learned to adapt to being able to cover multiple departments. In the Plumbing department, Rene worked hard, learning to not only fill orders, but how to cut and thread pipes, and other plumbing-related tasks.

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    Javad G.

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During this time, Rene also worked as a Valet Attendant at a restaurant. One night, Rene noticed that a customer who had come for dinner, Chuck Homan, had a picture of the MARIO BROS on his Jeep Cherokee. Curious as to why, Rene asked him about it, and the customer replied that the popular videogame characters were both plumbers and partners, which he associated with himself and his wife, who were partners in the plumbing company they both owned.

Now in his late teens, Rene was as driven as ever to succeed, and Mr. Homan seemed to have it all. He was successful, had a beautiful wife, and was independent. That's when Rene knew what he wanted, and they threw around the idea of his helping out, sine he had some service experience working for Mr. Brinkman at the hardware store, but nothing really ever came out of that night. Not until...

The devastating Northridge earthquake shook California.

On that day, now a quarter century ago, Rene received that fateful call. It was simple. The call was quick. Chuck Homan had an opening for an apprentice. If Rene was looking to learn a trade and wanted to work, then the opportunity was his.

This eager youth, with a young family to support, took that opportunity all the way to the bank.

For the last 20-25 years, Rene Garcia has been at the forefront of some of the most prestigious service companies in Southern California, setting examples for fellow employees, and setting standards in plumbing service and repair. Not only has he risen to the top at some of the best companies, but he has continued to grow his skillset, adding Heating and Air Conditioning service to his impressive resume.

Rene had finally reached the top of his profession, but he realized that once you get to the top, once you have become the best-of-the-best, sometimes there is no where to go. His bosses where happy, and Rene was earning a good living, but something was missing.

With no clear opportunities to advance further, Rene knew that it was time to pour his drive, commitment, hard work, and love and respect for his trade into an opportunity of his own making. And thus, TRITEK SERVICES was born.

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